You can listen to Becca’s new single “Free Fall” on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

Rebecca Stuhlbarg, soprano, is a versatile singer who enjoys performing in multiple genres especially classical, jazz, musical theater, and folk/rock. She is active both as a classical singer and a singer/songwriter. Her voice had been described as warm, richly expressive, and agile.

Her repertoire includes baroque, classical and modern opera and art songs, as well as musical theater. She has sung with Opera San Jose, gives frequent voice recitals, and has recently sung with the Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland as well as Light Opera of Portland. She holds an M.A. in voice and has studied with talented teachers such as Patrice Maginnis, Betany Coffland, Linda Brice, and currently Nancy Olson Chatalas.

Most recently seen in the role of Princess Margaret in the Student Prince with Light Opera of Portland, Rebecca shines on the stage and is generous in her expression. 

“Becca Stuhlbarg plays a key role as Princess Margaret; she is a deft vocalist, dances gracefully, and tackles perhaps the most challenging acting in the show as she grows from a spoiled princess into a dedicated and dutiful future queen.” – Tina Arth, Portland Westside Theatre Reviews.

Becca is available to sing for house concerts, weddings, or other events in Portland and surrounding areas. Her evocative performances invite the listener to embrace their own emotions, inspiring wholeness and joyful expression. Becca shines as a singer in any genre and always conveys a love of singing and fullness of life.

From Mozart to Modern

An Intimate House Experience

May 1st, 2022 7pm

Tickets $22 each

This evening of Classical music will leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired! Becca will share Mozart arias in addition to selections from Mirabai Songs by John Harbison. Becca shares:
“From a young child dancing and singing in my living room while listening to Mozart symphonies, I’ve felt a connection with the music written by this famed child prodigy composer. As a college student studying classical voice, I then became very fascinated by the free-ing and diverse nature of some modern classical music. In this concert “Mozart to Modern,” I hope to inspire listeners to open their ears and let in healing vibrations in a new way while releasing cultural conditioning and assumptions of classical music being restrictive and elitist. Yes, patriarchy has cast its dark shadow on this art form, and that is part of why I’m particularly drawn to singing the Mirabai songs – poetry set to music by living composer John Harbison, who must have been as inspired as me by the revolutionary ecstatic poetry written by this 16th century female Hindu poet.”
This concert features special guests Liz Kohl, pianist, and Anita Stryker, soprano. Anita will perform a set of songs by another living composer, Ricky Ian Gordon. This special evening will also feature a lovely Mozart duet sung by the two sopranos. Liz will even play one of her own compositions! Let’s explore diverse soundscapes and stretch outside of limiting labels to come together in musical community.

Awaken Your Inner Child: an Interactive Concert

A Unique Concert Experience

Join Becca Stuhlbarg, soprano, in exploring songs that express youthful sentiment while experiencing some guided movement, vocalization, and play. Known for her warm, agile voice and compassionate yoga and voice instruction, Becca will invite you to open your child-like heart to wonder and playfulness through mindful listening and some yogic movement. This interactive concert will feature classical art songs, musical theater, and a Disney music sing-along. Female and queer composers are included, we will explore/discuss themes such as the restrictive gender norms we absorbed in childhood. You’re invited to bring your favorite children’s book and dress in a whimsical outifit that will please your inner child! Join us in exploring the wisdom and beauty of children through song and movement. All ages are welcome!

This event took place on November 1st in Portland, and Becca is available to offer this unique program in other venues. She also has a French art song, German Lied, and opera aria recital prepared. Please contact her to schedule your house concert and/or Vocal Yoga event in your city!