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I have 17 years of experience working with students of all ages, levels, and styles – including children, teens, adult beginners, as well as professional level singers.

In addition to guiding students in vocal technique and helping them get in their bodies, I am equipped to support students in building their musicianship and performance skills. I can also teach diction in several languages including French, German, and Italian. I am committed to being a lifelong student and passing along wisdom to my students, therefore I study with master teachers such as Daniel Mobbs; recent teachers include Nancy Olson Chatalas and Linda Brice. Linda and then Nancy guided me as I transitioned from mezzo-soprano to high soprano;  the twists and turns of my vocal journey have made me uniquely suited to guide students going through a vocal transition of any kind. I have experience working with transgender voices, as well as students recovering from vocal injury.

I overcame severe asthma as a child, which made my singing journey a challenging one. My singing practice has been a big part of healing my asthmatic symptoms. I feel called to support others who have struggled with breath or voicing themselves – I love to educate, inspire, and empower my students and community by teaching voice, performing, and also directing choirs.

I have sung with Opera San Jose, Ariose Singers, the Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland, and Light Opera of Portland. I also enjoy offering sound healing sessions with live operatic vocals and sound healing instruments including crystal singing bowls, and giving voice recitals featuring French art song, German lieder, opera arias, modern music and sometimes my own original songs. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, dancing and spending time with my family.

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I was one of those kids growing up who was told “don’t sing.” Pretty damaging to a kid’s sense of voice. About two years ago, I started working with Becca. It’s safe to say that I have “retired” that negative sense of my voice. Instead, Becca has taught me to remain open and curious about my instrument. My range, access, quality of timbre–all have grown remarkably. 

My awareness of breath control and the smallest internal modulations and shaping of my internal space have all resulted in a profound improvement in the resonance, roundness and richness of my voice. 

Somehow, in a mostly passive manner, she has even taught me to read music (still in the early days but it’s pretty empowering) as part of my vocal training. 

In short, even adults who are certain they can’t sing are wrong. Working with Becca is proof of that. I am very pleased with the progress and growth I’ve made under her tutelage. You will be too!


Becca is a wonderful teacher who will meet you where you are at & challenge you in a loving supportive way.

I’ve found the yoga classes on Wednesday morning to be helpful & a great deal since it’s typically 2-4 people so you’ll get a lot of personal attention.

I’ve been taking private lessons for a couple months. I’m happy to report that my awareness of breath & ease of singing is improving tremendously.


I’ve been working with Becca for 2.5 years.

When I started, I did not have confidence in my voice, rarely sang for real, and when I did, it didn’t feel that great because I sounded like an amateur.

Now I sing all the time, can belt out singing along at my favorite concerts the whole night, and feel really great about my voice.

Taking lessons with Becca has helped me build my confidence with my voice, which has in turn allowed me to write the music that I am truly meant to be making.

Highly recommend!

And if you’re into either yoga or essential oils then you’re in for a super treat.


I cannot recommend Becca enough, and I don’t say this lightly. I am taking weekly lessons with her now, and I took private lessons with her weekly for four months fall 2015 and for a couple months spring 2015. I only stopped taking lessons with her because I went out of town. Becca’s understanding of basic yoga principles address singing from a much more holistic perspective than I have experienced with other voice teachers. I experience so-far-chronic pain and have some stubborn postural and alignment issues, and Becca’s teaching has allowed me to progress immensely with singing despite these problems presenting quite severely while I was working with her. I have taken a very wide variety of yoga classes, and require very specific alignment cues to feel any benefit. I compare Becca’s lessons to Iyengar or Anusara style yoga classes because of the detail of her instruction, expertise, non-sappy but heartfelt motivation, and the way that the practice takes root over time in your life. Have you ever been in a yoga class and the teacher says something like “now open your heart space” and you think, that would be nice, I have known that feeling before, but today I need to take like 5 minutes to be able to do that, and I need specific instruction step by step, not 5 seconds? I had analogous experiences with other voice teachers saying things like “breathe into the sides and backs of your ribs,” and they were not able to slow down and break down the actions bit by bit until I understood the new way of feeling that they were trying to teach me. Becca can, every time, and often she will intuit when she can help by breaking down something for you that she can tell you’re not getting. After several months of study, I have been able to internalize her teachings and continue healing and expanding my voice even when I was traveling. Becca has been a crucial part of my growth as a musician and I’ll be forever grateful that she teaches the way she does.

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